Articles made composite materials for electric trains

Скользуны и сухари

Purpose: JSC Avangard manufactures a wide range of articles for the rolling stock, ex-ploited by JSC Russian Railways

A bearer is a two-layer construction, the upper part of which is made of a carbon-filled plastic antifriction material, the lower part is made of shockproof phenoplast or moulding material or it can also be a single-layer construction made of carbon-filled plastic antifric-tion material.


Five dimension types are manufactured:

ПЗ 9402 290х160х45 mm П 300-1 400х175х45 mm

ПЗ 9403 290х160х40 mm ПЗ 9401-2 260х130х25 mm

ПЗ 9404 290х200х50 mm

The layers are used in the joint “center plate - female center plate” of electric train cars with the body support on the center plate in order to improve working conditions of the joint at the expense of wear reduction, stabilization of friction of contacting bearing sur-faces and decrease in amount of works on joint maintenance. The article is made of ther-moplastic material.

The collets ТДП 96.00.02 and 850.00.02 are used as oscillation absorbers of axlebox suspension of electric trains car trucks. The article is made of composite material.


Сидения салонов электропоездов жесткие

The seats of electric trains can be made of two types: hard and soft. The production of double-sided seats for 2, 3, 4 and 6 people is possible. The development was carried out by JSC Avangard, JSC Russian railways of Moscow railway and All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport. Hard seats are made of natural bitch veneer im-pregnated with fire retarding material with decorative outer layer. The difference of sot seats is that they have special fabric inserts for passenger’s comfort. This type of products has been produced for 6 years already, it has a hygienic certificate and a conformance cer-tificate, it is used on the trains of Moscow railway and October railway.