Fiberglass container for an inflatable raft

Контейнеры из стеклопластика для надувных спасательных плотов

Purpose: Fiberglass containers КСП-6МК, КСП-10МК, КСП-20МК are designed for storage and protection of droppable inflatable rafts against climatic and mechanical effects at air temperature from -30°C to +65°C and at sea water temperature from -1°C to +30°C at the open deck of a vessel. The capacity of inflatable rafts is equal to 6, 10, 20 people, respectively. The inflatable raft is meant for its use under any sea conditions afloat during not less than 30 days. For people’s vital activity the inflatable raft is supplied with water-supply and provisions, a first-aid kit and a fishing tackle.

Контейнеры КСП

Technical characteristics: the container may have the form of a cylindrical vessel (drum) with spherical ends, consisting of two parts: a body and a lid.

The containers are made of the material, which is hard, combustible, non-explosive and non-electroconductive, has no detrimental effect on the human organism.

Physical-mechanical properties of the material for containers:

• tensile failing stress, kgf/sm2 - 1000

• tensile bending stress, not less than MPa (kgf/sm2) - 1215



The container ensures:

•water resistance of the joint of the body and the lid with the inflatable raft packed into the container;

• positive buoyancy with the stowed raft: 35 kgf during 30 min.

Average service life of the containers is 8,5 years.

Accepted by Register of shipping.