Telephone boxes (semi-boxes)

Телефонные полукабины из стеклопластика

Telephone boxes (semi-boxes) are made of fiberglass plastic with high quality decora-tive coat. Telephone boxes are designed for protection of stationary telephone and the user of the telephone against atmospheric precipitations at the air temperature from –40°C to +65°C. The advantages of fiberglass telephone boxes are the following: ease of mounting on any types of surfaces, high mechanical strength, durability, weather resistance. It is possible to mount the box on the wall and on the column.

Телефонная полукабина из стеклопластика

Telephone boxes are completed with a hook for things.

Overall dimensions of the telephone semi-box (mm):

1170х 810х 565

Weight (kg) 7,5


The telephone semi-box can be of any colour according to the client’s choice.

JSC Avangard produces telephone semi-boxes of the following colours:

Light blue, red, dark green, white, blue, dark blue, yellow, lemon yellow, ultramarine, brown, orange.